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implementation of AGC IC?

Question asked by opsoftware on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by JMAT

hello friends

I am new to this engineers zone but i think i wil get the right answer for the implementation of some of the analog device IC's

I want to use AD8367 for the AGC implementation, but i got stuck with the very basic fundamentals.


The I/O matching is 200 Ohm and and the internal refrence is 354mV which i will get in 1 microS. But i am not understanding

that whether this 354mV refrence will change or not when this IC will be matched for 50Ohm I/O. And if it changes what will be the

least and max value available at the Vagc pin O/p.


Has anyone implented this IC with control voltages  Vagc coming from the DSP and controlling the AGC without using any other IC.


IF some more clarity is required .Plz let me know the query,


Thanking you