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ADE7878 60Hz RMS

Question asked by eukeni on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by hmani


We are using the HSDC port of ADE7878 in order to acquire samples for a 50hz signal.  We do our own FFT calculus with these samples and we obtain  the fundamental values. Everything works fine.

Now, due to a new client, we need to do the same but with a 60Hz signal. I know that the sampling rate of ade7879 is 8KSPS, and this rate works fine with 50Hz but not with 60Hz, so we cannot do the FFT calculus for a 60Hz signal. However, the ade7878 has a frequency setting (for 50Hz or 60HZ), I would like to Know how the ade7878 do the rms calculus for 60 Hz if the sampling rate is not a multiple of 60Hz.


If there is no possibility to use the samples of ade7878 for doing a 60Hz FFT. Is there any IC in the Analog portfolio just to obtain samples by an HSDC por at a sampling rate multiple of 60Hz. I have not find any. The HSDC port is perfect for our pourposes because we collect the samples automatically in the DMA through the SPI interface of our microcontroller.


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