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HMC7044 multichip synchronization

Question asked by odsanchezg on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by kpeker

Dear all,


In my system I have several HMC7044 chips.


Each one of them receives exactly the same 10MHz reference clock (same frequency and same phase).


The HMC7044 outputs are used in order to generate the device clocks and sysref signals of some fast ADCs.


It is required to have a very good synchronization between the device clocks and sysref signals generated by the different HMC7044 chips.


Is it correctly to suppose that, since the 10MHz input reference clocks are exactly the same for all HMC7044, device clocks and sysref signals will be in perfect synchronization?


If not, is it then mandatory to use the sync input port for all HMC7044? In this case, how can it be generated?. What is its frequency with respect to the 10MHz reference clock?


Thank you in advance,