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OSD / PiP alpha blending with the ADV8003 or ADV8005

Question asked by xborre on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by DominicB



I am quite new to the ADV8003 / ADV8005.

I want to make a system with a Picture-in-Picture option.

one main HDMI input and a selectable HDMI or CVBS PiP source.

I need to change the opacity / transparency of the overlayd picture.

I have read in the datasheet that I am able to do "alpha blending on OSD". So I guess I can do this.

But I want to make sure that changing transparency applies to the overlayd total picture.

(It not only applies to overlayd text right?)


second question: Is the ADV8003 / ADV8005 the best chip to do this? Or did I miss a simpler/better/cheaper solution?


thank you very much in advance.