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ADV7626 enters an RX HDCP error loop (Ri == 0) after hot-plug with various sources.

Question asked by JeremyM on Dec 9, 2015
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I have an ADV7626 acting as a receiver (BCAPS = 0x80) in switched mode (RXA routed to TXA, RXB routed to TXB).  The ADV7626 is pin-reset and initialized and then I plug in either a Quantum Data 980 or Quantum Data 780 with encrypted content.  The encryption process succeeds initially.  I hot-plug the source and then the encryption negotiation fails from this point on, no matter how many times I hotplug the source.  Non-encrypted content works fine after this - but no HDCP sources (Quantum Data, DVD, BluRay etc.) will negotiate properly once the ADV7626 is in the 'failure' state. 


This failure seems very similar to another posted issue:


Failure State:


The ADV7626 enters an endless "AKSV update" loop where the 7626 continuously interrupts for AKSV updates, and is always returning 0 for the Ri value.  The only fix is to pin-reset the ADV7626 again.  If I connect any HDCP source after entering this error state, the same Ri = 0 behavior continues.


Both of Quantum Data devices are fairly new versions of the HW and are running the very latest FW from Quantum Data.


I have an older Quantum Data 881 which works just fine with the ADV7626 - as does my BluRay and DVD sources I am testing with.  The only difference we see between the 881 and 980/780 is that the 881 does NOT set Ainfo (the 980 sets it to 0x00 which seems OK), and the 881 does not query BSTATUS, whereas the 980 does during negotiation.


I have checked the HDCP keys read and HDCP key error flags and keys read reports '1' and error reports '0' during the failure state described above.  I have also tried using the EDID/HDCP reset (self-clearing) bit to no effect.


We are essentially using the 'driver' or SDK provided by ADI - BF_X2.2.2.REL for all startup initialization.

Any insight to a solution would be appreciated, thanks,