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How come I got an ADSP-21489-EZKit 4 hours ago, and I'm not set up yet?

Question asked by alexanderbrevig on Dec 8, 2015
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Hi everyone! First post here and new to DSP hardware.


I've previously set up development kits before so I know that it's often a few hours of tinkering and lucky guesses. But this one has me stuck.


I'm on Windows 8.1 Pro x64.

I've tried to use the CrossCore Embedded Studio (2.1.0) and the VisualDSP++ (5.1.2) environments. None of them work, let me break it down:



CC Embedded Studio

Before you ask, I have installed ADI_ADSP-21489_EZKIT-Rel1.0.0.exe.

This one tells me I've not yet registered, which is fine as I have not. When I try though I only get an error message:


I've tried to delete the license.dat as I thought it might be corrupted. After trying that I got the same exact content, and the same error message. Also, this happens if I use 'I don't have code, let me register all in one' and for the 'I don't have but give me one and I'll connect it to my user after' options.


So, I quickly gave up that (I'm just eager to get going running an example) so off I ventured with VisualDSP++.

Before anything I uninstalled the drivers that had gotten installed using device manager.



It installs fine. I could add my VisualDSP++ serial key listed in the flyer that I got with the kit. The program boots and I can find example code for my EZ-Kit. I even managed to activate/verify the serial! To my problem then:


When I compile, I'm not in a session so I need to start one. So I take one of the many paths do do so and eventually end up here (btw, I used that [...] to find the USB EZ-KIT so that indicates it's working no?):


For the first 30 minutes I could not even get past 'Opening Emulator Interface' but I think I solved it by powering the USB and then the jack. Whatever... It's working consistently now, however as you can see; something's up with the JTAG!?


This board is 4 hours old and I've treated it nicer than I would a kitten.


Any help would be so very much appreciated. I'm getting upset by this...