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Zedboard + ADI-FMCOMMS3 streaming libiio matlab and HDMI Issue

Question asked by jsochacki on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by larsc

I have followed all the instructions online at the analog wiki and have had the following level of success:


I was able to get the latest sd card full image, image that to an sd card, copy the correct boot.ini and other file into the base directory of the card, plug the card into the zedboard and power on, I can uart communicate to the zedboard, I can run the update scripts and make sure everything is up to date, I can use linux to communicate to the fmcomms3 using the iio drivers/folders (using cat interface and echo new_value > interface).


I am having the following issues however:


Less importantly;


I cannot get hdmi nor vga video out of the zedboard and have to run everything throught the uart. I have tried many monitors and have the same issue.  When I try to manually set up a display using startx I get an error and it hangs and never starts the x server.


More importantly;


In matlab I cannot communicate to the board using lib iio.  I am using 2015b 32 and 64 bit.  I have installed the libiio dll ( I have tried 2015 and 2014 releases), I have all the necessary files in the folder running the code (the iio.h, libiio.dll, the three m codes, and the cfg file) but if I run in 32 bit matlab I get a libiio.dll is not a valid win32 application error and if I run in 64 bit matlab I get the array size error returning from the loadlibrary function.