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JESD Parameters & Clocks for (AD9680 AD9234 AD9625)

Question asked by p-v-o on Dec 8, 2015
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Currently I'm looking which ADC to use in combination with my Altera Stratix V device. I've tried to make an overview of 3 different Analog ADC, but would like to check if I understood/interpreted the datasheets correctly. I would like to use the device to their full potential. So max sampling speed and if it is a dual ADC both channels.


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Dual Ch.Dual Ch.Single Ch.
Sample frequency1.2512.6GspsSamples per second
Data rate12.5106.5GbpsRaw data rate per link
L448#Number of lanes per converter device
M221#Number of converters per device
F241#Number of octets per frame
S244#Samples per converter per frame
N141212#Number of conversion bits per converter
N'161616#Number of transmitted bits per sample
K323232#Number of frames per multiframe
CS000#Number of control bits per conversion sample
CF000#Number of control words per frame clock period per link
HD011#High density user data format
Local Multi-Frame Counter16328Link clock countsLocal multiframe clock
n113#Integer for SYSREF frequency
Device clock1.2512.6GHz
Link clock625500325MHz
Frame clock625250650MHz
Local Multi-Frame Clock (LMFC)9.76567.812520.3125MHz
SYSREF Frequency4.8833.9062.539MHz


The equations that I used to make the table are: