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HMC624 Digital Attenuator Switching Performance

Question asked by ArunkumarMadesh on Dec 8, 2015
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I have used Digital Attenuator(HMC624) to vary the IF Signal power level w.r.t Pulsed TTL control signal,During testing it is found that,when the Attenuation state is changed w.r.t Pulsed control signal we found there is glitch during rise and falling edge for 50ns.


Test Condition:



The IF signal with 100us pulse width is applied with Guard period of 50us.

TTL Control Signal with 200us pulse width,rise and fall time of 1us is applied through buffer.

IF Signal Frequency 300MHz.


When we are seeing IF OUT Signal in the Spectrum analyzer the Glitches during rise and falling edge are available as 100MHz Frequency Component and the 100MHz is also our operating frequency it can't be filtered out in IF path.


Suggest me the solution to avoid this issue.