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SigmaStudio for SHARC prompt of Compatibility

Question asked by Stephan.wu on Dec 8, 2015
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One of my customers has got a problem with SigmaStudio for SHARC. A prompt of version compatibility comes when a project is opened.

The DSP is ADSP-21489. SigmaStudio version is 3.11. SigmaStudio for SHARC version is 2.2.0. SHARC Audio Toolbox version is 2.0.0. Operating system is Windows 7 32-Bit.

Prompt is as blow,

Could you please give some suggestions?

Thanks a lot!


Compiler###### IC 1 ######


SigmaStudio for SHARC Plug-Ins used in Schematic under IC 1
[Module Name : Created with : Loaded with]


  1. 1. Off chip Delay( External Port) : 2.0.0 : 2.0.0
    2. Off chip Delay( External Port)50ms : 1.0.0 : 1.0.0
    3. Off chip Delay( External Port)20ms : 1.0.0 : 1.0.0
    4. Off chip Delay( External Port)250ms : 1.0.0 : 1.0.0
    5. Off chip Delay( External Port)80ms : 1.0.0 : 1.0.0
    6. Off chip Delay( External Port)500ms : 1.0.0 : 1.0.0


* indicates that the version compatibility check has been skipped/failed for the Plug-In.
In such cases, the Schematic may be corrupted and may not function as expected.
This can even lead to target crash when it is downloaded.
Removing failed/skipped Plug-Ins from the Schematic and re-inserting available versions of such Plug-Ins will fix the Schematic.