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About ADE7913

Question asked by Tarzan on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Tarzan

My questions about ADE7913 are following.


Question 1:

How can I estimate LSB value?

In general, ADC LSB is calculated by Reference/2^bit,

In this case, reference voltage is 1.2V(internal ref) and bit is 24.

Can I estimate LSB as 1.2V/2^24?

However, the input range is 1V(±500mV), so should we calculate 1V/2^24?

Please give me an answer.


Question 2:

Normally, ADC define INL/DNL error on the datasheet, but I can't find them on the datasheet?

In case of estimating error budget, INL is also important.

Could you tell me INL on this part?


Thanks in advance.

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