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Which ADC to use

Question asked by sonicsmooth on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by jcolao

Hi, I'm trying to find the best ADC for my application, as follows:


* I have a suite of analog sensors for inertial navigation

* 3-axis analog gyro, 3-axis analog accelerometer, 3-axis analog magnetometer

* I need a 9 channels of ADC (or 6 channels if I exclude the magnetometer)

* At most 1kHz sampling rate

* 16-bits resolution

* SPI interface to Freescale K60 microcontroller.

* Single-ended analog inputs from 0-3.3 V.

* Prefer simultaneous sampling


I'm considering analog sensors because the cell-phone/consumer grade integrated chips are not good enough for our application.  We are closer to an industrial/automotive application where performance is more important than cost, space, or power consumption; ie we need 0.1 degree orientation accuracy at rather slow rotation rates (up to 20 degrees per second).  For this type of application I'm finding single-axis analog components to be more readily available than integrated 3, 6, or 9 axis components.  Therefore I'm considering just building up my own 6 or 9-axis sensor suite and doing a system-level calibration over temperature.


In the cases where I find a multi-channel ADC, it seems the interface is for DSP, or the range is not quite 0-3.3 V.

Our total sensor suite needs to be << $100, so the modules from ADI are out of our price range.


Can someone please help guide me toward the right solution?