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AD9361 BIST Tx operation

Question asked by noodlesRF on Dec 7, 2015
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I'm trying to get the AD9361 to output a tone on TX1A using the BIST mode with the No-OS drivers but am not having any luck.


My current procedure is:


Initialize part by calling ad9361_init()     (configuring for TDD mode)

Set Tx LO frequency

Configure BIST registers by calling ad9361_bist_tone()


I read out the BIST mode registers after all of the configuration and they appear to be what I want:


0x3F4: 0xC3

0x3F5: 0x00

0x3F6: 0x00


I've read the BIST FAQ but is there anything else that needs to be configured for the BIST mode to work?  Do I need to do anything with the ENSM machine (ie TXNRX, ENABLE) or does the tone output with the BIST Enable bit (0x3F4:D0)?