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HDMI version of ADV7611 and ADV748x

Question asked by Tamu on Dec 7, 2015
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I have questions about HDMI version of ADV7611 and ADV748x.


Question 1:
ADV748x H/W manual says "HDMI Licensing and LLC, High-Definition Multimedia Interface, Revision 1.4b, October 11, 2011" on page 12.
Does it mean ADV748x supports HDMI 1.4b?


Question 2:
ADV7611 datasheet says "High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMIR) 1.4a features supported" on page 1.
Can't we use ADV7611 when we use HDMI 1.4b on our system? 
(Though the output I/F of ADV748x and ADV7611 is different, I assume we can use both I/F.)


Thank you!
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