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SPORT: Restriction on clock frequency in slave mode

Question asked by Haje on Dec 7, 2015
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I'm using SPORT with external clk and fs. In the ADSP-2137x Processor Reference Manual Rev. 2.2 in chapter "Slave Mode" (page 7-10) it says:

"Note for slave transmit mode the maximum SPORT frequency is limited to PCLK/8."


In the datasheet (ADSP-21371, Rev.D), the clock period for external clocking in transmit mode is given as (minimum):

(tPCLK × 4)

which is equivalent to PCLK/4.


My questions are:

1) What is actually the maximum clock frequency for SPORT transmit with external clock and frame sync?

2) I'm not sure what the definition of "slave mode" is, I assume that it means external clock?