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HMC833 Output frequency change behavior

Question asked by ricky on Dec 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by dyoung1

Hi All,


One of my customer is evaluating HMC833 PLL by using its evaluation board.

Reference frequency is 16.384MHz, and output frequency is around 1,000MHz.

He is concerning its output frequency transition behavior when frequency is changed.

He is expecting the smooth frequency change from 1,000MHz to 1,000.1MHz (100kHz change).

Usually the evaluation board shows the frequency change behavior as he is expecting.

I mean it shows smooth transition from 1,000MHz to 1,000.1MHz.

However, sometimes, it shows big different frequency in a moment and settles to final frequency.

His question is how to eliminate this phenomenon.

I attached register setting information he sent me.


Thank you for your help