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Software based SPI communication

Question asked by Hasan2015 on Dec 6, 2015
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Dear Everyone!


I was using ADAS1000 and YRDKRX63N for  SPI communication,

After I run my code in Embedded environment, I got MOSI,MISO,CS signal in oscilloscope, but not sure slave is talking with master or not.

As I set the ADAS1000 board as slave, the waveform seems different as compared to datasheet.

I need to read, write registers and off-course show them in SPI waveform. 

Looking at the Software based SPI in Analog, SPIController | Analog Devices

it  describs many ADC chips.

Could you kindly tell me.


1. Is there any other way to show my SPI signals in waveforms?

2. I am not using ADAS1000 labview based user interface, instead of this could you suggest me a way to read and write ECG registers?

3. Could I able to make .cfg or .cal files for ADAS1000 spi protocol to use it in analog SPI controller software?


Thank You !