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regarding dds_data_select

Question asked by rahulram on Dec 5, 2015
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    i am particularly new at using the rf and am using fmcomms 4 and zc706 board along with no os driver for transmitting and receiving data . now my hdl reference design is working fine and am able to see sine wave at adc . now i have changed the reference hdl design a  little and instead of taking data from dac dma i am by pasing it and using my own custom module to send and recieve i q data . now i know that i can disable ma data in api by making it zero but is there any other setting required to be made in code so that 1d9361 accepts data from my module and i can receive that data on the receiver side . i came across this change in code in one of the discussions but am not able to fully understand it

enum dds_data_select {




    DATA_SEL_ZERO,    // 3 /* OUTPUT 0 */





    DATA_SEL_LB, /* loopback data (ADC) */

    DATA_SEL_PNXX, } /* (Device specific) */



i understand that at present u can select data only from 2 sources ie dds and dma but as i said earlier in this code they have said that u can make changes in dds_data_select to accept data from any one of the sources .but i dont fully understand how to configure using the above code so that ad9361 accepts data from my module


so if i put dac_datasel(phy, -1, DATA_SEL_PN7) it will select data from where and i dont have to manually change anything.can u pls explain what happens here and how can i select the data from my module in hdl design using this . pls help.

thanks '