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Comparison between ADUM7223, 4223, 3223, 3221, and 3220 drivers

Question asked by chrisb_uiuc on Dec 4, 2015

I am currently looking at using one of the ADUM gate drivers for a multilevel GaN-based inverter. We are using the EPC 2034 fets and are currently using ADUM 5210s in conjunction with TI's LM5113 driver. I would like to use a single solution to reduce overall size and allow for higher voltage operation.
I am looking at the ADUM7223, 4223, 3223, 3221, and 3220 drivers. I see some differences looking at the data sheet, but I cannot figure out what the fundamental differences in the devices are. Can you point out what the basic differences are, or supply some type of comparison sheet?