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GNU Radio and IIO Scope after update

Question asked by rjc03001 on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by larsc

Hello, I am running AD-FMCOMMS3 with the Zedboard and seem to be experiencing some issues after updating the ADI Tools (these problems did not appear before the update).  Since the update, I am getting "RuntimeError: Unable to create buffer" when I try to execute the cyclic-sine.grc.  I am running GNURadio from the SD Card so my Hostname is set to "localhost".  Additionally, after I try to execute cyclic-sine, my IIO scope shows all flat voltage levels for all oscilloscope settings (time domain, frequency) and does not display anything.  I have to power down and power up the whole board to get IIO scope to work again, then it stops working/freezes up once I run cyclic-sine again.  Cyclic-sine, my errors and the IIO Scope are shown below.  I re-ran the update again and still having issues.  Is there anything I can check?