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Hydrogen Poisoning

Question asked by MitchT on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by kkaya

After reading a few articles about Hydrogen poisoning of GaAs pHEMTs, I found two pieces of information that I'm trying to verify.

1. It appears that HBT's are not sensitive to hydrogen poisoning.  If this is true, does that mean that the HMC606 is not sensitive to hydrogen?

2.  Per a Hittite paper "Hydrogen Effects on GaAs pHEMT Devices", it is stated that Hittite's 0.25 µm pHEMT MMICs utilizes a process that does not include Pt or Pd in te gate and therefore, are not affected by hydrogen.  If this is true, how do I find a list of Hittite 0.25 µm pHEMT products?