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Building the FMCOMMS2 HDL Reference Design for VHDL

Question asked by Orangelynx on Dec 4, 2015
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I am working on a FIFO-based interface to the AD9361 DAC block using the dev branch of the HDL reference design (because I'm using Vivado 2015.2.1)


I can build it fine using Verilog as project language, however I'd rather use VHDL since the rest of my code is written in VHDL and I have some trouble integrating the Verilog wrapper in my project properly.


When setting the project language to VHDL in Vivado, I get some errors when generating the block design, such as:

Unsupported VHDL data type 'INTEGER' for bool value

Failed to convert bool value 'false' to HDL value

Failed to get HDL value for model parameter 'DMA_2D_TRANSFER'


since its just multiple occurences of these errors, I hope someone can help me to get rid of this.


I'm building for ZC706.


I'd appreciate any assistance you can provide