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HDMI Rx: About the behavior of audio output pin during Audio mute on

Question asked by aimPoint on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by aimPoint

Hi all


We are in the design of equipment using the HDMI-RX device(ADV761x).

I have a question about the behavior of the Audio output pin in order to design an FPGA to be connected to the HDMI-RX device.


For example, if use the ADV7612, HDMI-map 0x1A [4] "MUTE_AUDIO" was set to 1,

regardless of the output format(such as I2S and SPDIF), only the output data becomes 0 (= mute).


In other words, the Audio signal output to continue, it is sending a silent data.

Is it correct in that understanding?


Best Reagards