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Request your confirmation about the setting of ADV7401

Question asked by Se-woong on Dec 4, 2015
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My customer has a problem to use ADV7401 with 1080i/60 format Video.

In case of using 1080i/50 format Video, they say that the output Video seems to be OK.

But when they use 1080i/60 format Video, the output Video seems to be saturated.


Please refer the capture files of the output of 1080i/50 format Video (1080i50.jpg) and 1080i/60 format Video(1080i60.jpg).


So they request your confirmation about their setting of ADV7401.

I also attach their program file (vdec_func.c).


Would you confirm attached files and let me know your opinions?


Please confirma attached files and advise me.


For you reference, I also attach their schematic (ADV7401_schematics.pdf) and test enviroment.

Please refer attached schematic and below  test enviroment diagram.


If you have any questions, please let me know.





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