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AD8000 output  saturation

Question asked by sbandara on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by JoeMack

I have construct the circuit on the cupper board using “Manhattan method” and I have  the several problem and I explain those things as follows

1st problem is

It is perfectly working on the NI Multisim, but it’s not working on the real world

2nd problem is

Bothe stages are individually working (without connecting each other like non-inverting configuration) except,


In 1st stage(isolated from the other stage just non inverting configuration  ), when I increased the amplitude of the input  signal both output and input are distorted  , but when the amplitude is reduce it is working perfectly.

My problem, is it I due to feedback resisters values or because of the high frequency my function generator impedance mismatching with the op amp input impedance


3rd problem

When I connect the both part, output become saturated and also it destroy both input and as well as the output wave shape


I highly appreciate if you can give me suggestion to solve those problems. furthermore, I am attaché here with flowing figures and diagrams @