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AD6676EBZ system configuration

Question asked by tuananhdrg on Dec 3, 2015
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I am working on ZC706 with AD6676-EBZ, ref design Vivado 2014.4.1. I am trying to capture the data from DDR3 using adc_capture function given in noOS driver (ad6676_ebz.c). I'm using these two functions:

adc_capture(16384, ADC_DDR_BASEADDR);

Xil_DCacheInvalidateRange(ADC_DDR_BASEADDR, 16384);


I'm not able to capture the correct samples. Even when I change different test patterns the captured data do not change.  In the attached files you see the system configuration. I have a doubt on the parameters, especially the JESD204B and the JESD_gt IPs. I use the default parameters given in the ad6676_ebz.c except this one jesd204b_gt_clk_enable(JESD204B_GT_RX, 1). The default code has an error in this function because there is not the "lane" argument.


I expect that there are two lanes in the JESD link but in the console I see only one link PLL locked. The default reference clock frequency of the AD6676 is 200 MHz so I changed the corresponding parameters in the xdc file. Please let me know if the system is correctly configured. You can find the snapshots of my project on the attached files.




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