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I/O Voltage Level EVAL01-HMCAD1520 and SP601

Question asked by s-zp on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by s-zp

Hi I was studying EVAL01-HMCAD1520 and PicoZed + Carrier Board.

I found that FMC on PicoZed contain 1.8V Bank I/O's. But on EVAL01-HMCAD1520 contains current sensor and potentiometer which works on 3.3V. This voltage difference is not good for Zynq on PicoZed??


So I checked SP601 and found that its FMC is on 2.5V Bank I/O's. But HMCAD1520 user guide said that plug this borad on SP601 and install software and use it.


My question in which i am not clear.

1-  EVAL01-HMCAD1520 is on 1.8V but FMC on SP601 is on 2.5V.  (This should burn the ADC).

2-  EVAL01-HMCAD1520's current sensor is on 3.3V  and again SP601 is on 2.5V. (This should burn the spartan 6).


How EVAL01-HMCAD1520 is working with SP601 board.????

Sorry for bad english.

Thank you in advance