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Pow Management IC: Li-Ion 2.8 - 4.2V; Sys Volts: 3.3V

Question asked by MindFlayer on Dec 3, 2015



I am designing a consumer Li-ion powered system with the following constraints:


  1.     The system volts has to be 3.3V
  2.     Li-Ion battery charging range is 2.8 - 4.2V
  3.     Charging is to be done via a standard USB charger.
  4.     All aspects of battery charging - charging profile, safety timers, input current programming etc are expected.
  5.     [Desirable] the battery and system is isolated via switch.


I have been searching for "power management ICs" and "Li-ion battery chargers". So far my results have all yielded a battery charger IC only - on battery backup, system volts follow battery volts. I would want an internal buck-boost regulator to provide regulated 3.3V o/p.



A boost regulator will not work since system volts need to be @ 3.3V (and not at 5V)