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AD9361 transmitter harmonics/mixing products

Question asked by on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by tlili

I am using a AD9361 to transmit (at this point) a single tone at high frequency (902MHz or so). Does the chip have any capability for reducing the signal level of the LO and associated mixing products?  I am streaming IQ data for a sinusoid (2MHz) to the transmitter and setting the LO to my center frequency(900MHz). What I see on the spectrum analyzer is the signal {F(LO)+F(sine)} and {F(LO)-F(sine)} at about the same amplitude, the signal F(LO) at a somewhat lower amplitude but still pretty high, and then harmonics and mixing products of these signals.  I would like to reduce the signal level of these harmonics and mixing products without adding external filtering if possible and would like to know if the chip has any built-in capability for this.
Thank you.