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adc_capture for ad676_EBZ samples do not change

Question asked by bhatnagar.vaibhav81 on Dec 2, 2015
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I am using ZC706 with AD6676 EBZ Vivado 2014.4.1 reference design.

I am using given capture.bat script that creates a rx.csv.

In ad6676_ebz.c noOS script I use the following lines as per suggested in discussion


adc_capture(16384, ADC_DDR_BASEADDR);

  Xil_DCacheInvalidateRange(ADC_DDR_BASEADDR, 16384);


Actually, the problem is when I change different test pattern using following function in ad6676_ebz.c file of NoOS driver.


  ad6676_spi_write(AD6676_TEST_GEN, TESTGENMODE_RAMP);


The rx.csv samples remain same they do not change. I am expecting different samples when I change the test pattern.


Please find the capture.tcl, and complemented I data attached.