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AD9910 输出信号 突然没有了 Suddenly there is no output signal

Question asked by lds12 on Dec 2, 2015
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最近我在用外部Ardunio控制AD9910开发板的时候,测试AD9910的输出信号发现,信号 持续半个小时候突然就没有了。




Translation provided by EZ Admin:

Hello , ADI experts and everybody users
Recently I was in control with an external Ardunio AD9910 board when testing AD9910 output signal found half an hour waiting signal lasts suddenly gone.
Then I tested the software with ADI 's test , the result is about two hours later , the signal suddenly lost . Excuse me, this is what happens. We also have to say here two days once .
I this is clearly too frequent, do you have not encountered this problem , and possible reasons for that? ?