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ADV7610 unable to measure input signal

Question asked by joshuac on Dec 1, 2015
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We have an iMX6 based system running Android. The HDMI output of this system is forced such that an EDID is not required. We have tested that this is the case by connecting the output to a simple test circuit which loads the clock and data lines through resistors, and confirmed that we can measure the TDMS signal on this circuit.


We have a receiver board that takes the TDMS clock and data lines through ESD protection (IP4283CZ10-TBR) and then connects them to the corresponding RXA inputs of the ADV7610. When we connect the HDMI output of our main board to this receiver board, the TDMS signal drops completely.


As far as we can see, there is no reason that this signal should drop when connected to the receiver board. We are wondering if the ADV7610 is not configured correctly, and perhaps the RXA inputs are somehow affecting the HDMI input, which is the reason that we cannot measure a signal.


We are not using all of the features of the ADV7610, so the other input pins are connected so:


HPA_AV/INT2 floating
RXA_5V +5V through 10k resistor
DDCA_SCL GND through 10k resistor
DDCA_SDA floating


Do you have any suggestions for why the signal to the chip would not be working as expected?