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AD-FMCOMMS5 and ZC706 Reference Design

Question asked by rmd91 on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by rmd91

I have downloaded and set up the ZC706 example design for the FMCOMMS5 card (2014_R2). I've gone through the set up procedure on the wiki, including the application and boot updates. I have tried connecting an a 2401 MHz tone to the RX1A and the internal RX LO set to 2400 MHz (default), but I do not see a sine tone on the IIO Oscilloscope program. I instead get a low-amplitude (+/- 70) comb-shaped noise signal. I can provide screenshot if needed.


Interestingly, when taking the BOOT.bin provided with the reference design and putting in on a working customized 2013 version of image, I get the correct RX waveform. Would this suggest a software issue with reference design? Are there additional steps required to get operation of the card, such as a calibration?