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ADL5380 IP3 and output voltage swing

Question asked by nik on Jun 14, 2011
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The specification for the ADL5380 states that the input P1dB is +11.6 dBm, conversion gain is +6.9 dB and output voltage swing is +2 Vp-p.


The note at the top of the spec table states that that test conditions is with a load of  450 Ohms. A 2 Vp-p swing is  consistent with an output  level of +0.45 dBm.   But this seems inconsistent with a maximum output level before saturation of 10.6+6.9=  +17.5 dBm.  Note: I backed off 1 dB from the input P1dB.


Put another way can anyone tell me what the the maximum output voltage swing would be for an input of +10.6 dBm.


PS.  Can someone post the s2p file for the ADL5380?


Thank you in advance!