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ethernet driver with new Switch/PHY

Question asked by pfeifferc on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by pfeifferc

We are using a micrel KSZ8795 5Port switch with a RMII interface on Port5 connected to the BF607 MAC via dedicated RMII lines.

This chip is complete configurable via SPI and we don't use MDIO/MDC lines for communication.

By using the given driver, I'm able to open&test the MAC ETh0.

Sending seems to be working, I receive frames but no good one, all have RUNT or RXAlign Errors.

Any ideas what the cause of this errors is. REF_CLK input of ETH0 is generated by KSZ-Chip and running on 50MHz.

All requested ETH0 lines are connected to KSZ(see my attached schematic)


I've checked the MAC config, but no idea how to solve this?