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About ADE5169 max supply current in PSM2 mode, RTC only

Question asked by Sam.S on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by dlath



     Our customer are using ADE5169 to development smart meter, and refer ADE5169 datasheet to make their product specification.


Their found a description in datasheet about ADE5169 in "PSM2 RTC only, TA = 25°C, VBAT = 3.3V" condition, the current (typical) =  1.7uA, but the datasheet hadn't said about max current.

Due to they don't know to decide the budget of current in PSM2 mode,

so, our customer want to know what is the max current in PSM2 mode/RTC only.


Would you please give any advice about this? Any input are appreciated.


Thank you!