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unipolar measurements

Question asked by amf on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by LiamR

1)  Is the assumption in this attached writeup that the voltage controlled across the sensor is a 600 mV step (or is it the case that for unipolar measurements, can you put a 2*600mV step on the sensor?) 

2)  Why would the value of Rcal be chosen to be 1000 ohms?  Wouldn't it need to be the applied voltage (say, 600 mV) divided by 44 uA = 13 kohms? 

3)  If I use the UnipolarCurrentMeasurement project in a 4-wire configuration, can I use the same calibration routine that is in presently in the code (which is commented as being for a 2-wire measurement)?  Or what exactly would I need to change in that code?