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Using DMA TCB for external to internal memory

Question asked by jsksra1 on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by MaheshN



I want to transfer data from external(sdram) to internal memory, I used the following TCB block aiming for standard DMA transfer.


int dmaTCB[6] = {

  CPEP(chain pointer),

  EMEP(External modifier),

  EIEP(External address index),

  ICEP(transfer size),

  IMEP(Internal modifier),

  IIEP(Internal buffer address index)



After this I am doing the following to enable DMA


     // Set TCB block address to chain pointer

     *pCPEP0 = (int)dmaTCB;


     // Enable DMA transfer

     *pDMAC0 = DEN |WRBEN;


But data is not being transfered why ??  I am doing anything wrong??