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adv 7343 help

Question asked by BarE on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by DaveD

I am designing a PAL to NTSC converter in real time and I'm using the adv7180 with adv7343 , I get PAL CBVS and outputting NTSC CBVS .

I need some help with the adv7343 configuration :

sd timing : mode 0 slave

NTSC out .

in the typical application circuit  I have some questions :


  1. what kind of FERRITE BEAD should I use ?
  2. should I use DAC 1 or DAC 4  for CBVS ?
  3. If I use DAC 1 what is the optional LPF and is it mandatory ?
  4. should I use the x16 oversampling or keep the x2 ? and if I use x16 what kind of adjustments I need to do in the circuit ? 
  5. what is the recommended configuration script for my project ?

The ORCAD schema I did until now  is attached .


thank a lot