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About a register setting on DSP(ADSP21489) and ADC(ADAU1977)

Question asked by IRON on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by IRON

Hello all,


I have 2 questions.


I am now using ADC(ADAU1977) and DSP(ADSP21489).



On the ADC, there is a BCLK polarity bit on a ADC control 2 register.

On the SHARC, there is a CKRE bit on SPCTLx register.

Do I have to configure them as the same setting?

In other words, if ADC samples the data on rising edge, SHARC also has to sample the data on rising edge?


Question 2

There is a SDATA delay bit on the ADC Control 1 Register on ADAU1977.

There is a MFD(Multichannel Frame Delay) on the SPMCTLx register on ADSP21489.

Do they have to be configured to be the same amount of delay setting?


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