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ADUM6132 power dissipation and others

Question asked by ricky on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by ricky

Hi All,


From the ADUM6132 Data Sheet, I understand that the Isolated Power Supply Quiescent Input Current is 280mA max when Viso terminal is open. And the input current raised to 350mA max when Viso is connected to Vdda terminal

Is my understanding correct?

If yes, what is the main reason for this input current when Viso terminal is left open?


Thermal resistance of the package is 45degC/W with 4 layer PCB. It means the junction temperature will 63 degC raise from ambient with 280mA 5V condition. Therefore, the junction temperature will reach to 148degC at 85degC ambient. Is this temperature raise ok for ADUM6132? Do you have any advice to down the junction temperature?


My customer experienced that the Viso will not come up when Vin is switched off and turn on immediately. Do you recommend extended time interval from power off to power on and how much? Do you have any other recommendation on this regards?


Thank you for your help