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AD5054 AD5052 ... Multi Power Supply Temperature

Question asked by LeeJungMin on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by LeeJungMin

Hello, My name is JungMin.


I'm designing a power on my system.

The power will supply to Zynq, and other components ... so many different voltage power is required.

But I want a simple power structure.

I found it, AD5054, AD5052 Multi-Power Supply component.

And also find it "ADP505x Multi Channel Buck Designer" tool provided by Analog Devices.

So I'm using this tool.

But I'm not sure that about temperature.

If temperature is over 90 degree in result ... this design is not possible to apply ...  ?

in enclosed space(Metal-Case)


What do you think, proper / normal 'max temperature' in designer result?