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SPI communication between AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ and Zedboard

Question asked by KentoR on Nov 29, 2015
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I have recently adquired a FMCOMMS3 board. We are trying to use it on a Zedboard.

Firstly I would like to configure the AD9361 chip by using SPI interface. But There is no output to read the AD9361 register.

So, SPI communication looks not work.

I have three question about that.

1. I have used only ResetB,SPI_SS,SPI_MOSI,SPI_SCLK,SPI_MISO pins to write and read the AD9361 register by using SPI interface..

Are these pins enough? or other pins need to be connected?

2. In ADI sample design, ResetB is connected to GPIO. Is there any sequence to activate ResetB?

Now, I configured the pulse width of FCLK_RESET0_N to 270us.

3. To activate SPI communication, Should I control CTRL_IN, CTRL_OUT ?

Now,  I configured CTRL_IN to 0V and connected CTRL_OUT to Zedboard I/O pin.

4. Is there any sequence about CLK_OUT, ENABLE, TXNRX, RX_D, TX_D.

Now I haven't connected CLK_OUT, ENABLE, TXNRX, RX_D, TX_D between Zedboard