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ADL5243 Digital Control VGA Glitch level during Gain change

Question asked by sugu89 on Nov 26, 2015
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     We are planning to use your Digital Control VGA : ADL5243 for our operating frequency of 1100MHz for the gain variable range of 30dB.


We are planning to use the parallel interface to avoid the serial interface delay.


We need to know the glitch level at the DVGA output when the gain is changed from 0 to 30dB and 30dB to 0dB for the applied CW input signal at 1100MHz.


Like IDT DVGA part: F0480 they have provided the glitch level as 0.5dB for 15dB attenuation step. But their interface is serial interface will not be useful and similar your part meets our requirement but we need the glitch levels before proceeding our design.


If the glitch levels are high then is there any method to suppress the glitch levels for fixed frequency operation like 1100MHz.



Sugumar K