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ADuM 315X 'SPIsolator'   DC/Low frequency transferring

Question asked by winio on Nov 26, 2015
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I want to use ADuM isolator at SPI line between ADC and microcontroller.

I know that it works using magnetic field (transformer coil), so my question is: is it possible to transfer low frequencies (or DC logic levels) through the ADuM? I want to replace optocouplers with with this ADuM module. As the optocoupler has no problem with transferring DC or low frequencies (it is based on LED diode) - can I replace it with this ADuM?


In datasheet I found:


And I am not sure what does it mean.

Do I have to change input state at least once at 5us or can I leave it (I mean: can I set for example all inputs in logic state '1' and have outputs in state '1' NOT HiZ)? My question is about both high speed and low speed inputs.