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Eye diagram for AD6676 on customize FPGA board

Question asked by bhatnagar.vaibhav81 on Nov 26, 2015
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I am using your evaluation board AD6676-EBZ with my customize FPGA platform having kintex7 on it.

I imported VC707 reference design to it withtout ethernet ip.

For reference I have ZC706 zynq platform.

It seems the reference design is working from SDK console messages.

Now, I would like to plot an eye diagram to evaluate my customize platform.

As, I found there is an eye_scan logic inside the jesd_gt logic in reference design, I would like to know how can I use this logic for eye diagram plot either through jtag in hardware manager (Do I need to use ibert ip for it)? or if there is anyways to use eye_scan scope under linux with petalinux?


Please let me know.