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About ADC Mapping of ADV7181C

Question asked by Kikka on Nov 26, 2015
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I have a question about ADC mapping of ADV7181C.


Input Condition

Y-> Ain 2

C-> Ain 3


I tried to use YC/YC auto mode by the following settings, but it didn't work.


[YC/YC auto mode settings as Table 4 in ADV7181C_Manual_RevC]

INSEL[3:0] = 0000

SDM_SEL[1:0] = 11

PRIM_MODE[3:0] = 0000

VID_STD[3:0] = 0010


Then I tried to use Manual input muxing mode by the following settings, it worked well.


[Manual input muxing mode]

ADC0_SW[3:0] = 0010

ADC1_SW[3:0] = 1100



Is YC/YC auto mode settings of ADV7181C_Manual correct?


Thank you for your cooperation.


Best regards.