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Operation Trouble of ADI16229AMLZ

Question asked by ICWORKS on Nov 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by ICWORKS

We connected ADIS16000(Gateway Node) and ADIS16229(Sensor Node) through Wandboard and SPIinterface.

There is nothing wrong with Resister Setting in ADIS16000.

But ADIS16229 was not connected.So we asked ADI Korea for help.

They said there is no problem power until MCU of the hardware(ADIS16229),they guessed softeware of MCU have problems.

And they can't provide technical support any more because we didn't purchase it from Korean distributor.

We bought 8 pcs of ADI16229. All ADI16229 are operation trouble.


Please help us.


Attached files are image and video.




Network -> Scan All Channels -> Start50 Channels : NA