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AD9361 Matlab set separate RX LO Frequencies per channel

Question asked by diegonolovich on Nov 25, 2015
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Hi all. I am successfully running the ad9361_matlab.m example on my PC which is connected to my Zync + AD9361. I have made a few modifications to the .m to calculate the FFT on each of 4 channels (RX1 I, RX1 Q, RX2 I, RX2 Q). This is working correctly, though it is updating very slowly since I am using an iterative plotting function, but thats not the matter at hand. At the moment, I believe the LO of the TX and RX is set to 2.4 GHz for BOTH channels. This can be changed, but it will update this value for BOTH channels. I would like to have the LO of RX1 to be different from the LO of RX2.


Any suggestions as to how I can accomplish this leveraging the ad9361_matlab.m that I have already been working on?