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ADXRS453 SPI output noise

Question asked by a.volchok on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by NevadaMark


Kindly ask you to help me solve the problem with noise-variation of the SPI output of ADXRS453 (rate output of the device). It looks like noise variation in the range - 20…30 LSB even when sensor does not move.

As far as I know this gyroscope has high vibration rejection and excellent bias stability.

Here some details of connection to ADXRS453:

  • Power 3.3V (linear regulator LM117T-3.3 with battery block 7.2V);
  • Power circuit according to the datasheet;
  • Power of the master controller 3.3V;
  • SPI 125 kHz
  • Acquisition cycle 10 ms
  • Initialization according to the datasheet – Chapter “RECOMMENDED START-UP SEQUENCE WITH CHK BIT ASSERTION
  • read only registers RATE0 and RATE1 via interface SPI by the command “Sensor Data